Sunday, January 1, 2012

Fun Tour Opportunities

Happy New Year, everyone! The Big Day is getting closer, and we wanted to remind you all of the various fun opportunities you have here in DC. If you haven't yet, check out the What To Do in DC page for some off-the-beaten-path ideas, and our handy guide to the Metro system.

We have two organized tours available for our guests: the Library of Congress (Friday at 1) and the Pentagon (Friday at 3). Both require pre-registration because of building security. Both are really cool places with interesting histories and neat exhibits, and they're not places most people can usually visit when they tour DC. More information on these tours is included on the What To Do In DC page, and yes, the Library of Congress tour will finish in time for you to get to the Pentagon tour. If you want to attend either or both of these tours, please email NO LATER THAN Monday 9 January at 5 PM Eastern. I have to turn in the security rosters the next day.

Those planning to use Metro during their stay may wish to purchase a farecard in advance from Metro's website. I recommend the SmarTrip cards, especially if you are using the MetroBus system to/from Dulles or BWI Airports. They cost a couple bucks to purchase, but every ride is $0.25 cheaper than with a paper farecard. They are also the only form of payment accepted on most MetroBuses, including those running to the outlying airports.

The Metro website also has a nifty Trip Planner that will allow you to figure out your travel plan in advance, including the fare at your particular arrival time.

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