Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holidays, Gifts, and Money

Jay and I had a wonderful holiday season. We got to visit both of our families' homes, probably for the last time before we move abroad, and it was really nice to see everyone together and get to relax in the company of our loved ones. We also ate far too much, but I think that's true for just about everyone around this time of year. We went lightly on gifts this year - the Christmas spirit was slow to arrive in our house thanks to all the wedding preparations. We made our traditional contributions to our aunts' and uncles' local food banks, we bought a few small things for each of our parents and siblings, but that was about it. I did find time to cross-stitch a Siamese cat for Jay's Grandma Ann, though, so that was a nice touch.

That didn't stop most of our friends and relatives from going overboard on gifts for us, though. We got some great gifts from our registries, like a small weekender suitcase from the Powners and a new digital camera from the Littles. (I think Mary K got us that just so we don't have that excuse for not sending her photos regularly any more. LOL) We also got some lovely little 'berry bowls' - small side-dish bowls - to go with our white everyday china and a bunch of useful kitchen gadgetry like a julienne peeler (thanks, Aunt Lisa!) and a long bread knife.

During the holiday festivities, one of our relatives asked us a very good question. Since we're moving so soon, she asked, did we want gifts or money for wedding presents? She figured we'd prefer money because we'll need to replace some things when we get to England. That's perfectly true, but the things that we'll need to replace are things that we *need* and are willing to spend money on. The things on our registries, on the other hand, are things that we'd *like*, but don't need. We're both reluctant to spend on wants rather than needs.

So please, consider getting us something off one of the registries rather than giving us money. Give us things we won't - or won't easily - buy for ourselves. Crystal stemware? Why do we need crystal stemware? We already have glass stemware... but it's a mismatched set of just a few pieces that are starting to show their age... and it would be nice to have pretty stuff for when we entertain.... but we don't need it.... You can see how this goes. Even if you have a tight budget, one piece of stemware is relatively inexpensive. And you might feel awkward buying only one, but don't. You got us one, and someone else got us one, and a couple other people got us two, and now we have a set. And even if no one else gives us that, having one gives us a reason to spend some of the gift cards we're getting to complete a set. :-)

Can't wait to see you all soon... 17 days!!

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