Thursday, August 18, 2011

Change the Date!

Dear friends and family,

As you all know, Jay Little and I planned to marry next May here in the Washington, DC, area. Alas, the Air Force has other plans. As an active-duty officer, Jay typically moves every 4 years to a new post - by his calculations, we expected to move next June. We learned last week that we will be moving sooner, most likely between February and April. So, to simplify things, we decided to move the wedding up to before we'd expect to move. The new wedding date is Saturday, 14 January 2012.

The wedding will still be here in the Washington/Arlington area. We do still intend a morning ceremony (10:30 AM), so you will probably want to arrive on Friday. We will have hotel and other information up soon, and formal invites will go out around mid-November. We also anticipate a shower or similar event in early November in Ambridge as well.

Because we're on a tight(er) time line now, I'm working hard to get the guest list complete. If we don't have your current address, or you even think we might not have it (you've moved in the last year or two? you've never gotten a Christmas card from me?), please drop me a line to confirm it. And of course, please let your significant others, relevant children or parents, etc., know of the change in date. I've gotten everyone from the guest list that I or Facebook have an email
address for, but I know I haven't gotten everyone.

Much love to all of you - we hope to see you there!

Leanne & Jay